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Welcome to VRG & Associates

Our activities began in 1990 as sole proprietorship, constituting ourselves in 2007 as a Limited Company.


Since its inception, our Company has been directed and led by Vicente Ramírez González, a university professor, who has an MBA from the University of Birmingham (England), and experience in positions in public institutions and companies. private.

Since 1998, the Consulting company has entered into agreements with consulting companies in the United Kingdom, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil, among others, to advise private companies and public institutions, governments and municipalities, with an emphasis on restructuring services, financial technical assistance and management systems.


Currently, the Consultant offers a comprehensive advisory service to private companies, public institutions and international organizations, serving the increasingly demanding competitive market and the constant transformations that emerge both locally, regionally and globally.

This has motivated the Consultant to constantly innovate and renew, which is shared with you, its new image and thus offers you a wide range of services. Said offer is endorsed by the experience of the local and foreign professionals that today make up the Consultant's Team of Technicians, most of whom have obtained their specialties, with internships included, at renowned foreign universities.


The Consultant has had the Unique Entity ID (UEID) since 2022, which is the registration system for supplier companies at an international level.

Vicente Ramírez González 

He has held, among others, the following positions in the public sector:

General Director of Economic Studies of the Ministry of Finance, Representative of Paraguay in technical meetings of the Macroeconomic Coordination Group of the Mercosur Treaty, Member of the Council of the National Securities Commission, General Director of Tax Control of the Ministry of Finance.

And in the private sector:

Manager and Financial Advisor of local and foreign private companies, and Financial Manager of the Paraguayan Retirement and Pension Fund of Itaipu Binacional  (CAJUBI), a position in which he benefited from the retirement.


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